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   Precious Pieces is a painting party business thriving to be more exciting and more creative than any painting party experience offered anywhere else.
    If you have never heard of a painting party. A painting party is where you paint an acrylic painting (pre-selected by the host) to paint while you and your guest enjoy snacks, drinks and whatever delights you would like. NO ARTISTIC TALENT NEEDED! At the end of the event you will have made wonderful memories, and will have had a lot of laughs. The best part is, at the end of the night you take the painting home with you! There is no way you can do this without cracking a laugh at least once! All while getting colorful and letting your inner doodles free.
    If you want to learn how to paint one of our Precious Pieces, you can find one of our events going on in your local area to join.
    If you do not want to join a public event and wish to host your own party, you go to our private painting parties page and follow our very easy 3 steps to customize your very own party!
"To live a creative life. We must lose our fear of being wrong."
                                                                                                          -Joseph Chilton Pearce

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You select a time and place,
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