Mobile Private Painting Parties

Precious Pieces private painting parties are customized for you, and we come to you.

Follow our 3 steps to begin planning your Private Precious Pieces Painting Party.
You can use my given location, your own Home, Your favorite venue, your office, your church.....YOUR CHOICE!!!
Select a time and place
Select your featured painting
Fill out our Mobile painting party request form or contact Colleen
Look in our private party art gallery to select a painting
That's It!
Its that easy! 
    No Matter where you choose to have your painting party. . . . . . .  at the office, in the park on a beautiful day, in the comfort of your own home, or your favorite restaurant, our mission is for you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing few hours and creating your own precious piece of art.
      You won't feel rushed, our patient instructors will gently guide the parties step by step, from start to finish.   
"Remember this is your world. In your world you can create anything that you desire."
                                                                                                                                                 -Bob Ross
Most Popular
Private Party Paintings
Fun and Popular Designs for custom painting parties but NOT LIMITED TO!  I can customize a painting for your party. Just contact me if you don't see something you like. 
  1. Starry Night
    Starry Night
  2. Getaway
  3. Blue Flowers
    Blue Flowers
  4. Simple Moments
    Simple Moments
  5. Palm Beach
    Palm Beach
  6. Fall walk
    Fall walk
  7. Blooming
  8. Rainy Day
    Rainy Day
  9. Lightning Bugs
    Lightning Bugs
  10. Love Birds
    Love Birds
All of our private parties include:        
  •  WE supply cups, napkins, plates, paperware ect.
  •  WE supply canvas, paint, brushes, and step by step instructions
  •  WE supply set up
  •  WE supply clean up ( THAT RIGHT! You do NOTHING to clean up, we've got it.)
  •  YOU (or your guests) supply snacks, drinks, cake ect.
  •  EACH ATTENDEE will leave the party with their Precious Piece of art that they painted themselves!!
   You Supply a well lit area, tables and chairs (enough for all attendees) drinks, and snacks. We will need access to running water and a sink. We will provide everything else including paperware if you need. We will also bring table covers but will need to be informed in the request form if we need drop cloths for carpeted areas.
   We will arrive at least 1 hour prior to your party start time and leave approx. 1 hour after your party is over when clean up is finished. Painting parties take Approx. 3-3 1/2 hours depending on the featured painting chosen for your party.
NOTE: We will be taking pictures periodically throughout the party to post on our page. If you do not wish for pictures to be taken then please inform us before the party begins.
"To live a creative life. We must lose our fear of being wrong."
                                                                                                          -Joseph Chilton Pearce

Price List:

  •  6-10 People $30 a person
  •  11-20 People $25 a person
  •  21-30 People $20 a person
  •  31 + $10 a person            Best deal!
(More people, cheaper the price)
*6 people party minimum. If you have a party of 6 or less, you are welcome to reserve at one of our local events and we can seat your party all together.
*Only people painting will be require to pay to attend
*$75 Deposit is required to hold a private party. This applies towards your accounted seats to your party. ( This is required for all parties)
* Tips are not required but are appreciated. 100% of the tips go to the artists. ​
     Once I have recieved your deposit and painting selection, I can then create a private party roster and your guests can pay online or they are welcome to pay at the party. Please email Colleen at if you would like this option.
     NOTE:  If an accounted person does not attend the party the host is responsible for paying the empty seat that was accounted for.

Alcohol Policy

   Precious Pieces is BYOB!!  Not all events involve alcohol!!!! However, if you choose to serve or consume alcohol at your mobile event, Precious Pieces can not be held liable for any accident or injury resulting from the consumption of alcohol. This responsibility lies solely upon the party host.
   Our parties cater to ages 6 and up on our private parties, even if alcohol will be present. All ages are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We must ask that you will monitor your children. Only adults 21 and older may consume alcohol. Your party attendees will be asked to show ID if consuming alcohol.
  Please note this exception: There is NO alcohol allowed at a kids party. If the honoree (guest of honor) is a child. We ask that parents NOT bring or consume alcohol during the party. We believe the focus of the paint party should remain on the guest of honor.

*by completing our private party request form you agree to our terms of agreement

Private Party Request Form

*First Name
*Location Request (restaurant, church, office, home ect.)
*Last Name
*Excuse for your party (Birthday Party, Bachelorette party, Girl's night out, Church event, Bridal shower, farewell party, family holiday party, ect.)
*How would you like your party to appear on our public calendar?
*Date of party request
*What painting did you choose for your party? (Title of precious piece in our gallery or copy and paste and image below)
Comments/ Special Requests
* Please allow 24 hours for a response